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As most of you know, a few months ago I got married. Being a photographer myself, picking one for my big day was the absolute hardest decision I have ever made. Luckily, I came across Radelle and Kari with Eternal Reflections (http://www.eternalreflectionsphoto.com/). I could not have asked for better photographers to capture my moments. Not only that, they are phenominal people. I couldnt be more happy with my photos. I think in another blog post I said, ” I would have paid a million dollars for the memories these ladies gave me!” I still stand by that and recommend these ladies to anyone.

Anyway, I thought, if I loved these ladies so much, I am positive everyone else will and what a neat thing to do, feature someone in the same field as me! So, I asked Radelle if she would do me pleasure of letting me feature her and get a little inside her head. She said YES!


What made you want to be a wedding photographer?

I, (Radelle) started the company while I was going to school to become a psychologist. During school, I started ERP to help put me through school & because it was such a passion of mine. As a kid, I used to dress up my sisters as brides, using white tablecloths and making dresses &veils out of them. I need to dig out those old photos & blog them! We have TONS of them. I’ve always been obsessed with love & weddings!Once I graduated school, my business was SO busy that there was no way that I could do both. I realised that income-wise & life-style wise, keeping going with my photography company made the most sense. Besides, I loved it.It was around this time that my sister Kari came on board & started taking all of my extra bookings. We now both work 100% full time for Eternal Reflections Photography, exclusively shooting weddings & engagements locally & worldwide. It is a fabulous life.

How long have you been shooting for, and have you always only dealt with couples?

We have been shooting professionally for 8 years (Radelle) and 5 years (Kari). The first year & a half in business, we “did it all”. We learned very, very quickly from that where our passion was. It was easy to tell. Some shoots we were dreading, others we were extremely excited for. The decision to become boutique (offer only one specialized service) came naturally. We became so busy with weddings & engagements, that by default, everything else just got pushed out. I think a huge key to our success has been in specializing. We have been able to devote all of our time & energy to this one particular aspect of photography.

How would you personally describe your photography style?

Our style is lovey-dovey mixed with high-fashion. We love to capture really artsy, fashion (think model style) images with loads of drama, but we love, love, love the romantic, mushy ones.

Have you taken any photography courses?

I did. I got my degree in psychology (my backup plan) & also took a 2 year photography course (very film & history of photography based). I honestly feel however, that it taught me very little of what I know today.

What do you love most about your job?

It is a happy day.There are not very many jobs in the world, where you get to go show up at a place where everyone is the happiest they have ever been & document it. We both thrive off of & we love positive energy, so being able to soak that in, while being paid, is truly one of life’s luxuries.

How do you keep things new and fresh?

Many different ways. Our couple’s & their love stories inspire us. The last few episodes of the bachelor typically inspire us. Nature & camping rejuvenates & inspires us. Posh hotels & fancy vaycays inspire us. Our families & seeing everyone’s awesome marriage inspires us. We also make it a point to challenge each other. If one of us is feeling stagnant, before our next shoot, we go GET our photos take (with our hubby) by the other & feel what it is like again to be on the other side of the camera. It also gives us a chance to watch the other in action again & learn new tricks & tips.

What lenses did you mostly use for this wedding?

A mixture of my 50mm 1.2 & my 85mm 1.2 (mostly).

What part of a wedding day is your favourite?

Posing the bride & groom. I love being able to take charge & guide the couple into poses & scenarios that best showcase who they are together & how that is beautiful. I occasionally squeal when I get a killer shot of great emotion.

What was it like shooting this wedding with your sister?

FUN!!  Because we take totally separate bookings, it was an absolute treat to co-shoot a wedding! It was fun to be able to watch each other in action (we hadn’t shot together in over a year)! Our husbands say that we are pretty much the exact same person, so, in many ways, I got to see what I am like shooting a wedding (by watching Kari) lol!

What was most memorable about shooting my wedding?

Seeing how much your husband loves you. There were many things about your wedding that were awesome (how laid back you were, the fresh, fun vibe, fantastically agreeable wedding party, etc)…..but if we had to pick ONE thing that really stuck with us, it would be how much he loves, adores, and only has eyes for you. It was remarkable to witness. You are a lucky lady.

What was your favourite photo from our session?

The first one that we ever put up. It was shot during the trash the dress & your eyes look AMAZING!!

Do you think you will shoot weddings for years and years to come?

Yes. I fully expect that I will. I have no desire to shoot anything other than wedding or engagements (but reserve the right to change my mind at any given moment *wink*)

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