Welcome to My First Video Blog-Locations

I tried something different for this blog post. I hope you enjoy it.

Now…it is absolutely hilarious. I was confident I could get this done, set up the camera, tape it and be good to go.


Talking to yourself into a camera is apparently very challanging. Get ready for a lot of the word Um…Blinking…Looking down at my paper…and some fast talking. Oh and I say the word locations a million times!  Seriously seeing myself on camera was so hard.

My husband and I were on a mission to get this blog done. So we went out, where no one could see us (literally the side of the road) and started taping. This was also our first time video taping anything with our cameras, learned a lot here too! Let’s just say, we are not videographers for a reason! But a huge thank you to my man for doing this with me, and spending hours getting it ready to put up.

I had so much fun making it even though I forgot half of what I was trying to say and messed up a ton of times. This was so fun, and even more fun to watch over and over and laugh at myself.

Be sure to stick around for the end of the post to see how long it took 🙂

Oh, and do let me know if you would like me to humiliate myself again with more video blogs!



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