Little Girl Moves To The Big City!!!!!!

September 22 1984 our little one was born. She was a very good baby, loved to be wrapped up tight and be warm,which she still loves to this day. Nicole was a shy little girl. Although she had her older brother to look up to, she kept to herself most of the time. I remember when we entered her in a local beauty pageant when she was really little, just for fun of course, and how shy she was. She actually refused to even waive to the judges. But because of how adorable she was, she still came in second place.

When I look back at all the things she did and collected there is no wondering why she is in the photography business. She loved to pose for school pictures which would include fixing her own ribbons in her hair after she got to school. Which I was ok with because they were her photos.

Her collection of pictures started with Kim Anderson and then moved on to Anne Geddes. Every year for birthdays or Christmas we knew just what to get her to add to her collection. She had these hung all over her room. Then about the age of 10 she got her own camera.You no, not an expensive one cause who would have known, but from that day on Nicole has always been taking pictures. It was part of her accessories for her purse. She never went anywhere without her camera, and she still doesn’t to this day. We loved looking at all the pictures she took. She would cover her walls top to bottom with photos of her friends and family. These always made for great memories. She did this through out her high school years always saying she wanted to be taking pictures of something somewhere. Little did she know, photos would forever be a huge part of her life.

So after a hard time in her life we were told our little girl was moving to the big city, which meant Edmonton (yikes)! Of course,as her mom, I was scared but wasnt going to step in. So October of 2007 she spread her wings and headed on her journey. She had a full time job as a bank manager already lined up so all was well. About 6 months later she met this amazing man. And then 1 year after that he told her to follow her dreams and the rest is history. He bought her her first expensive camera and that`s when all her craziness began and it hasnt stopped yet.

We couldnt be more proud of her. Our Little One in the Big City with the man she loves and married.Shawn keeps her grounded when things get tough. And now he works right along side her as her second shooter. I just want to say thank you to him for being such a great support for Nicole and tell him that he is the best thing that happened to her. And I know I will never have to beg for grandbaby pictures.(haha)….

Love you lots Nicole and NC Photography.


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