VS meet JB | Edmonton Photographer |


Jill Billingsley. Need I say more?

I knew I wanted to try something different (I don’t know how many times I have put that in my blogs this winter haha) but I also knew that in order to do that, I really needed a model that could pose and direct herself. Jill is amazing. The way she moves and the way she just gets what you are looking for is amazing. She can pull off so many different looks. She will be famous and her stunning face will be all over this world.

Thank you Jill for letting me use you as my studio sample. It was a blast, and also made me realize I need to stick to what I know for right now. The studio was a big challenge for me and made me remember how much I love the outdoors, a whole setting, and natural light.

Also a big thank you to Renee Robyn who helped me with this.

Here is just  a small sample of our session


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