We have officially made it to June. I love that we are having a summer baby. And not that May isn’t summer but I really like the thought of having your birthday every year in June. We look forward to all of the pool parties and spending tons of time outside. We are all getting […]

Time is flying by so fast. It is even getting hard to keep up with these weekly posts. But I know how special and important they are. I cannot wait until you are older when we can go through the book of all of this and look back. By then you will be playing sports […]

We actually had an uneventful week around here for once. Well your Dad and I shot our last wedding before you arrive. It was located “in the middle of nowhere” so we were a little worried you were going to be delivered on the side of the road. But we made it. I was one […]

29 weeks you are here and we cannot believe it. People keep looking at me and cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has been going. Maybe it is because we are counting down and just so darn excited to meet you. Either way…10 more weeks and you will be in our arms. Speaking of that, […]

Well HELLO 3rd trimester. You feel just like the 1st trimester. Tired No motivation Insomnia All of that fun stuff. But we did have a doctors appointment this week, well just me this time. I had to get tested for¬†gestational diabetes. I believe everyone does when you are pregnant. Well, the tests came back alright […]

26 weeks and really uncomfortable. I am not too sure what happened this week but everything seemed to change in my pregnancy. I am starting to feel very tired again and absolutely huge. Your Dad calls me a tank every day (it’s okay, he means well haha) but now I am believing him. It is […]

Finally… BETTER! I think my cold has finally left and I don’t even have my night time cough sticking around. This is one happy girl right now. ¬†But I am feeling super duper pregnant these days. Which totally scares me for what is to come. I still have 15 weeks left. WAIT… Never mind. WHAT. […]

So we have reached 23 weeks, and what a journey it has been. Every time I update this blog and I write what week we are on I am completely shocked. I cannot believe it has been 23 weeks already. We had a busy weekend in Medicine Hat visiting friends and family and working. Your […]

This week was busy for us. Well not the whole week, pretty much just the weekend. We spent the weekend up in Edmonton visiting all of our great friends. It was such an awesome visit. We got to see so many people that we absolutely love and it was very very needed. Definitely miss everyone […]

20 WEEKS 20 WEEKS ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? That means it is half way. Half way until you are a little person in my arms. Waking us up at night. Crying. And opening your eyes. THIS IS INSANE. Some days I still kind of forget I am pregnant. And then others I remember that I […]

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