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You asked for it!

I find that since my photography has grown so much, my inbox fills up with great questions either from fellow photographers or clients just wanting to know how I do it. So I put it out there to ask me anything you wanted to know. So here you have it! It’s insanely long! Enjoy!

What is your favourite lens-> This one is always so tricky. I definitely have a favourite but still always use a bunch of others. My all time favourite would be my 50mm 1.2. This is an amazing lens for portraits and weddings. It is fast, great “background blur”, and all around a great lens for anything you are shooting. There is one other lens that I cannot seem to put down. It was the first lens I have ever bought and still use it for every single wedding I shoot. It’s my 24-70 2.8. This lens is great for everything. It has an awesome focal length, is fast, and great in low light conditions. I tried putting this one down and cannot seem to do it. If you need to buy a general l series lens, pick this one up.

How did you decide on what lenses to buy-> Honestly, talking to other photographers is great, but I strongly recommend going into a camera store, and putting it on your camera. You need to feel it out and see if it’s what you are looking for. For an example, 24-105 4.0. I had this lens twice, and sold it twice.  It is very similar to the 24-70 2.8 but there are obvious differences. You need to know what you are looking for and what works for you. Don’t fall into trends, do what is best for you.

What is your favourite location-> That one’s hard too (good questions everyone) I actually have a huge blog post coming out about this one so I will generalise this. Anything personal is always my favourite. Anything outdoors is also my favourite. I will almost refuse to shoot indoors. It just doesn’t have the same feel as the beautiful outdoors.

What is your favourite season-> I think I would have to say….FALL! There are a few reasons for this. The beautiful colours of course, and then the lighting. It is always softer and way less harsh. The temperature is always more bearable too so you can wear those little cute sweaters and your comfortable pair of jeans.

How did you find your passion for photography->https://nc-photography.ca/archives/5 here is a blog for you to check out.

What are your favourite photo books and labs-> Photo books would have to be KISS or FInao. Labs would have to be Carousel Photo Imaging or Blacks.

What is your favourite part of photography-> That would definitely be the people. I get to meet some of the most amazing people. Better yet, I get to tell their story and they are all so different.

Where do you get your ideas from-> Everything and Everywhere. Also a huge blog I have coming. But generally, it comes from life, from TV, and from music. I will literally be laying on the cough with my husband and something will pop into my head from a commercial that will be on TV for 30 seconds. Ideas can come from the smallest things; you have just have to have a different perception.

How do you not get bored of shooting the same kind of photography-> I love this question. NEVER! Like I said earlier, every single client is different. Yes they are all wedding days, and the ceremony and reception are generally the same. But the people make it what it is. I would never call my job boring, very far from it.

How do you keep it interesting-> I think anyone that has worked with me can say, it’s who I am. I laugh pretty much the entire session you will have with me. I have so much fun. We will talk about the most random things, go to the craziest places, and just have fun.

How do you find locations-> Those are what I call “location scouting days.” A day where my husband and I jump in the car and drive around for hours. I bring my GPS (because I really suck at directions) and plug anything I like into my GPS with a description of what it was. It’s kind of fun actually, we get to spend time together, while still getting work done.

What is your favourite tool other than your camera or lens-> Oh I love this one. It’s my step stool. Ha-ha yes, I said step stool. I am somewhat vertically challenged so this is my best friend. I bring it everywhere I go. I think I even lost it at one wedding.

What is your favourite camera angle-> I can honestly say anything but straight on. I get compliments on my angles all of the time, my advice would be to set a photo up and move around, don’t get comfortable with your zoom lens doing the work for you.

What is your favourite colour-> Black…okay not a colour but it is my favourite, always has been.

What is your ultimate goal as a photographer-> I once actually said this to another photographer that was trying to bring me down one day. “My goal is not to be some world renown photographer! I love what I am doing, and am happy with that~” Until the day comes when I am no longer making people happy, then I am good where I am at. I will never insanely raise my prices just due to experience. I do this to make people happy, so as long as I am doing that, that is my ultimate goal!

What would your dream shoot be-> hmmmmm, I would say something in a beautiful place like Europe or something like that. A beautiful portrait or bridal session. My dream destination wedding is Hawaii *wink wink*.

How in the world can you get such beautiful shots-> I love how this was asked. Honestly, I think I one of my good qualities is that I capture who people are. I capture their real moments instead of posing a bunch, and being stiff. I honestly say “okay make-out!” or tell the clients to cuddle, talk and laugh. I do whatever it takes to get REAL emotions in every photo I take.

Can I please assist you-> Too cute. This wedding season I have second shooters that I am working with, but once the season is over I will be taking second shooters to portrait sessions with me so keep your eyes open.

What is your favourite shoot (excluding engagement sessions and weddings)-> Can I cheat and say couples (lol)? I would then have to say a good portrait session that really captures someone’s personality. Or…something totally creative and outside the box (haven’t done this for a while hmmm)

What is your favourite marketing tool-> It has proven over and over to work, FACEBOOK! It has its pros and cons that for sure though.

Where does your inspiration come for all of those great poses you come up with-> They just come. Honestly, sometimes I will be looking to do something, and they will be moving into the pose and I will like something totally different more. It just happens naturally.

What is your favourite method of learning/Have you taken any courses-> PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE! That is the best advice I could give you. I have not taken any courses, I have sat with a few great photographers here and there but other than that, it is all self taught. If you think about it though, I shot over 100 shoots in less than a year. That’s a lot of hands on. And as always You Tube is your best friend.

What is your pre-wedding day routine-> Freaking Out! Yup, that’s what I do every single Saturday morning. I lay out everything I own on my office floor and put it all in my camera bags. Then when I get to the car, I freak out again thinking I forgot something so I re-check it (even though I have a checklist) And then on the way to location I go over ideas, and locations and timings for the day. I try to be as prepared as I can be.

What is your favourite time of day to shoot-> Definitely sunrise or sunset. If you would’ve asked me this 2 years ago I would’ve said I need so much sunlight that you cannot open your eyes. When you know your camera, you know the best light is soft light.

What are some of your favourite photographers-> Hands down http://www.eternalreflectionsphoto.com/ (wedding)

http://www.epicphotographystudio.com (boudoir)

What kind of lighting do you use-> 99% of the time I use natural lighting. When that isn’t possible I use bounce flash (580 speedlite)

Out of all the pictures you’ve taken, do you have one favourite-> NO WAY! I have tried this before, to pick a favourite, I absolutely can’t. I love them all ha ha okay biased, there is just a lot to choose from. I also find I get an emotional connection to every client so it is way too hard to choose just one.

How do you juggle your day job with photography-> Blog to come (this is a big request)

What is your favourite editing software-> I only use Lightroom and Photoshop CS5. Both have their pros and cons.

I often get asked, why do you offer up so much information? Believe me, I have been burned in the past, but at the end of the day, if someone hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t be where I am. I have no secrets! You will do what you will with the information I provide, I only wish everyone the best of luck with their photography journey. Always here to help!


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