Again, something a little different for me. I love bright colours, lots of light and lots of contrast.For this session I was going for faded colours, darker shadows and a flatter looking photo with real emotions. I had great inspiration for this photo, thank goodness for my cute pink Ipod speaker system that kept us […]

Lydia, an amazing Make-Up artist was looking to add something to her portfolio. I have worked with Lydia on a number of occasions. Boudoir to creative. I knew I had to help her out. It didn’t hurt that I was in love with what she was wanting to do! Bollywood! I love everything about it. […]

I have tried planning a session with this for SO long. It either didn’t work out, or someone was uncomfortable or just getting together. I advertised about a week ago looking for a couple that could get intimate and that the female was blonde. Lisa was absolutely PERFECT, not to mention that handsome man of […]

We met up with Pat and Ainsley in October of 2010. This was actually the first time Shawn came on a session with me. It was so nice to finally meet them. Ainsley and I had been planning their engagement session for what seemed like forever. We had so much fun that day, I could […]

How do I put into words how grateful I am!?! I waited twenty one months for the big day. For the record…that is a long time! That entire time I stalked your FB page, excited to see your next post, whether it be a wedding, engagement session or whatever other project you may have been […]