I always like to tell a little about our story and how our working relationship came about. I always feel like I’m introducing a character in a book. This is the beginning of their fairytale! When Sarah first emailed me about their wedding, I knew we were a perfect fit. “Hi! Love your Facebook page […]

As I sit here and take in what a crazy year it was, I find myself reflecting back on it. On the things I did, things I could have done better and how crazy it really got.Last year, we had Mason (our son) in June. I had 5 weddings after he was born so this […]

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YEAH! We have walls and all of our framing is DONE! I can’t tell you how exiting this is. Okay, well I am sure you can imagine. We are going to have our home. Our very own home. So a few things have changed with us in the past couple of weeks. We own a […]

 If you follow me on instagram (which you probably should lovencphotography or personally nicolemodde) you will see me gripe a bit about Facebook. I often put up screen shots of how many people my posts are reaching…or should I say AREN’T reaching. So instead of griping about it I thought I would think about the big […]