I thought this Friday I would get a little personal. Unfortunately there will be no “favourite friday” next week….why? Because it will be the night before I get married, and I will be spending it with my Fiance on the beach in Los Cabos!!! So, I thought I would share with you this Friday MY […]

Second Favourite Friday to hit the blog! There are a few favourites in this one, but most of all this is my favourite couples session I have ever shot. On top of Danna being one of the sweetest things ever, Kevin isnt too bad himself. I absolutely love this location too. Not fit for all […]

I put up my first blog post on February 21st and there has been such a great response from it. I’ll admit that somewhat being forced into making a blog turned me off of the whole idea, but its been so fun putting up posts and sharing more about me and what I love. Speaking […]

I posted Thick Skin-part one- not too long ago and received such a great response. My email immediately filled up with high fives and questions. Other photographers commented on the link with mutual feelings, so I wanted to elaborate a bit more on the topic so there is a better understanding of the life of […]

This one might get a little heavy, but most important very real. With technology now a days, allows businesses to use many tools like the internet to market themselves and showcase their business. Things like twitter, blogs and facebook have allowed word of mouth to be a large tool. I’ve noticed that over the past […]