My Field of  Dreams Beauty! Oh how I could not have asked for a better model for this concept. I have been planning this shoot since March. Yup, 5 months ago. Originally it was supposed to be a full out boudoir marathon. But with this years unpredictable weather, and insane mosquitoes, I decided that was […]

This post will be a little different than anything I have blogged about before. Facebook.  The good and the evils of it.  I am part of a few photography groups on facebook where local and international photographers gather together and chit chat. A lot of good advice and discussion topics come on there. It is […]

I had a few beginner photographers contact me lately with a few of the same questions. I recently had someone contact me to give them some information for a school project they are doing. I never would have thought anyone would do a project on me. So Cool! So here are a few of the […]

Oh Will and Nicole. I’ll try and make this short, but there is so much I could say about your day. How bout summing it up with some “moments” from yesturday. Chicken Cutlets, Yeah Beer Time, and breaking out into song at least 3 times! AMAZING! Everything about this day was amazing. I couldn’t have […]

Thank you so much for sharing your day  Nathan and Noella. It was such a great day from start to finish. We showed up at Noellas house to find her stomach in knots and butterflies. So adorable! Shawn then went over to check out what the guys were doing, needless to say, they needed a […]