Just when I thought we were all prepared to go to the hospital when you decide you want to come out, but I completely forgot about stuff. You need sleepers and diapers and gosh I don’t even know what else. Thank you to the internet for handy dandy checklists to help your clueless parents out. […]

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I completely thought I had already blogged this session, so I apologize for the delay. We are crazy. I think that pretty much sums up this session…or at least the title of this blog does. 6am comes around. We meet up in the lobby and are ready to go. We head through the resort and […]

31 weeks and still growing strong. Some days I feel like you are so big and strong you are just going to punch right through my belly. Well I actually feel like you are just going to fall right through the bottom of my belly most days. I sometimes hold the bottom ¬†to make sure […]